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Sunday, August 24, 2003

Dear Bush Supporters we have go to come strongly together and fight for Bush. Go to the 2004 Online Debate and leave your comments on why you support Bush, and I will place them on this page. This page was made to show the support we have for our Commander and Chief George W. Bush.
Jennifer a proud Bush supporter

posted by Jennifer  # 12:04 PM
Bush has got my support. My faith and belief is in the acts Bush has proven he will and can do. He's done a fine job. Ann almost every president has had to go to war at sometime or another. I think he handled it better than any man could have, when 9/11 happened, I believed he was some of the glue that held this country together. That had to be the worst time in history for America. I feel like he handled it better than anybody could have. He's a fine man and a great President. I wish him the best of luck in the 2004 race.
Comment by Becky B.

posted by Jennifer  # 11:52 AM
I believe in Bush. He is a true Christian Man. He is against gays in the military. That was a crazy thing that Clinton wanted to do and I'm glad Bush put a stop to that nonsense. Now his wife Hilary wants to give gay people that live together in the same home the same benefits as married people. I hope Bush has puts a stop to that craziness too. Bush is a fine man, who believes in God and good more Christian morals for our country. He's trying to bring prayer back in our schools. He's the only president that would stand up against terrorism. Clinton sit back and did nothing. That's why 9/11 happened.
Comment by Roger

posted by Jennifer  # 11:51 AM
I really needed the Tax refund that Bush just gave for Families with children. I needed it to pay bills. Bush has been the only president that has given us these wonderful tax breaks for families with children. So do any of U know if any of the Democratic nominees will be willing to give tax cuts too? Democrats seem 2 tax poor people a lot. We should ask ourselves if a democrat gets elected, will we be able to pay our taxes?
Comment by Leanne

posted by Jennifer  # 11:51 AM
Bush did say that he would be giving money for AIDS organizations in South Africa. I certainly applaud him for that. i also like what he has done by signing the nurse reinvestment act. I still think that he should allocate more money for stem cell research instead of having the 64 stem cell lines that are already in place. i think that is part of the reason why most of Hollywood is not supporting him. you have a few handful of actors such as Arnold Schwartznagger and Bruce Willis who are republicans in tinsel town.
Comment by Sindhu Kumar

posted by Jennifer  # 11:51 AM
Abortion is murder. I don't care if it is 1st term, 2nd term, 3rd term or what? It's murder, and George Bush is the only one who is against abortion, and homosexuality. He's the only one who will stand up for what is right. I stand by President George Bush. He is a man of honor. He needs to serve again. Or we may get another no morals President like Clinton was. My vote is for Bush.
Comment by Roger Dale

posted by Jennifer  # 11:50 AM
There should be kinder remarks on the Bush comments page. So here I go. Bush has done a wonderful job at being President. He has tried to bring prayer back to our schools and in our lives. He is trying to end abortion. He has given tax refunds to families with children who need it. He has never raised taxes. He gave money and support back in the hands of the people, and he will keep up this wonderful work he has done if he wins the election in 2004 again. Vote Bush!!!!!! Look at all the wonderful things he has done for our country. I love him for it, and you should too. Vote Bush 2004. I'm not trying to be the odd women out here, but does anybody here think George Bush is doing a good job for our country? I thought he handled the War with Iraq well, and 9/11 was his strongest support time. Now it seems like so many are against him. All presidents get citizen. I just think we should stand by the man we choose, instead of tearing him down all the time. Many people will do that to the next Pres. too. I am a deep catholic and I think we need more prayer in our schools and government. If you leave out God, you have left out all morals. But that's all I'm going to say on the subject. Ann Please post my comments for Bush. I am one for Bush. A lot of people believe the war had to be done. We were in a treat with Iraq and Bush did what he could to avoid war, but couldn't. Other people say he started the war. I'm not sure, but Bush is a smart man. I don't believe the people who say he's stupid. People are always cruel and cynical to Presidents. He speaks well in public.
Comment by Jennifer

posted by Jennifer  # 11:50 AM
I think it's fairly obvious Bush is currently in the driver's seat. Public opinion, despite the very informed viewpoints expressed here about unfunded mandates imposed on the states by the federal government, is still behind him on national security. The Iraq endeavor is still far from a liability for him as of yet. The economy is still, imho, the thing that could do him in if unemployment rates continue to climb. If WMD is found in Iraq--and there was some indication the CIA (David Kay) was hinting about that probability a few days ago during congressional hearings-- then I think the Dems would be better off to go after "it's the economy, stupid", just like Clinton did to such great effect. The environmental issues are also definitely a weakness for Bush as well. Well maybe Bush will go back to Crawford. He's there right now, and he seems to enjoy it there. However, even though it is nice to see the enthusiasm for Howard Dean and John Kerry, I think this is going to be a hard fought election that could still go to Bush. Historically, it has been centrist Democrats, like Clinton, Carter, JFK (I think Johnson was more conservative than Nixon, but that picture only aids the argument) that have been able to do battle in the Republican geographic strongholds of the South, Southwest and West (except California). I think the enthusiasm displayed here for Dean and Kerry had better be an indication of what's happening throughout the nation or they will not be able to challenge for the presidency. I've heard, for instance, that a pretty big gender gap has opened up favoring George W. Bush in the white male demographic group.
Comment by Steven Bohannon

posted by Jennifer  # 11:49 AM
You got to go with Bush. He's the best way. If we change the President now in the middle of conflict and crises our country is domed. Bush has got to finish what he has started in Iraq. He can't take those troops out. He needs to send more over there and finish the job. It would be unsafe and unwise to put another man in the White House until the threats to this country clams down, If Dean gets elected he will probably lower security leaving our airports wide open for another terrorist attack. I really don't know what the other candidates will do, maybe Leibrman would be good at keeping the country’s security up, but Bush has and will build up our airport security. We don't need another chance of another 9/11 happening. We need to go with the man who makes this country safe. That man has been and will be Bush.
Comment by Mike

posted by Jennifer  # 11:49 AM
My family has also been worried about national security. I understand why you believe in Bush. He has done well for FAA security. I will go with Bush on that one, but I can't go with him on the War with Iraq. For that matter I will stand by Bush on the pro-life issue. I think Bush has made a lot of great improvments in security, but I also think he bombed the country of Iraq without giving the world just cause for it. He should've let the untied nations do there job instead of critizing them. If he would have proved it to the world there was WMD in Iraq before he bombed them I would still be on Bush's side, but I think that is his biggest mistake. That's why he lost my vote, unless the dem's do something so bad it can't be overlooked. I think I'll vote dem this time.
Comment by Ann Stewart

posted by Jennifer  # 11:49 AM
You know folks I would vote democratic if I could find a democrat who has any morals. All the democrats are always saying abortion is what they call pro-choice. I call it pro-murder of the innocent and defenseless. I would love to find a democrat that has any morals on the issue of abortion. But I can't find one. They are no where to be found. Name one democrat for me who is against abortion. If it happened I would be the first to support him. Also George Bush is against putting a stop to same sex marriages. I am never going to believe that same sex marriages should be legal and our government should support them financially. What does your man that you believe should be president say about that? The democrats are getting so liberal. Now they want all gay schools and liberals usually support gay catholic priest. Is nothing sacred anymore? Is nothing Holy? I believe if we leave God out of our government we have no morals. We need a good Christian man like George Bush. With good Christian morals. A good conservative who believes in old fashioned honesty and traditions. That’s what I feel the democrats need. It's been along time since I have seen a democratic candidate with any conservative morals on abortions and gays. Clinton tried to put gays in the military. Senator Clinton tried to give the same amount of financial support to gay couples as married people got in NY when 9/11 happened. WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE DEMOCRATS? ALL THEIR MORALS JUST WENT DOWN THE TOILET. Years ago I was a democrat. Now I'm ashamed to call myself one anymore. I haven't seen a democrat with morals in years.
Comment by Becky B.

posted by Jennifer  # 11:48 AM
If you are a Christian, you have to follow your conscious. I put my faith ahead of politics, and I will vote for the person who has the same Ideals and beliefs as I do. That man is George Bush. Anybody with Christian Morals will vote for Bush. Dean may have support on line, but out in the real world Bush has the most support. Everybody in my office is voting for Bush. Me, Alley, Craig, John, and Mike are all on Bush's team. We are FAA and Bush has made so many great improvements in Federal Aviation security. Our Airports are safer now than they have ever been thanks to Bush coming up with the idea of homeland security. Bush is helping to keep this country safe. I work at FAA. Mike and I have seen the inside changes Bush has done to greatly improve our security. It's not just about Abortion. Bush has put Homeland security as a very important issue. I don't think any of the democrats will be as strong as Bush has been in National Defense, but you are a sweet person. Even if you are supporting the wrong guy and that's all I am going to say about it tonight.
Comment by Jennifer (Bush Supporter)

But please don't pick on George Bush so much. You never know we may find those WMD's soon. To everybody else "VOTE BUSH 2004"It seems to be slowing down. Well I miss defending my Bush man. So I just thought I would drop by and tell you all the wonderful things President Bush has done for America.
1. He made National Security 150% better. By placing new screeners, better equipment, better training at our airports and by creating Homeland Security.
2. Ending Saddam's rain in Iraq
3. Ending the funding and support of terrorist
4. Trying to put an end to abortion.
5. Refunding Taxes for families with children, and I still think you should vote Bush.
BUSH 2004 vote BUSH 2004 Vote BUSH 2004 Vote BUSH 2004
Comment by Jennifer

posted by Jennifer  # 11:47 AM
Don't be to hard on Bush. Everything he promised will work out at the end, because our President is very focused. I am as a German own Bush my loyalty. The President has a plan. He does a wonderful job protecting America from Future Attacks. If I speak to European customers they feel the same way. It takes time after 9/11 to rebuild the economy. the last thing we need more fancy social programs. It is not the Presidents faulted that he had to spend so much money. I believe he did a much better job then Al Gore would have done. The President asked to be patient and I will give my chance. If the United Nations is falling to deal with Saddam Hussein then somebody has to do it. It is a shame that he got so little support from Europe
Comment by Vanessa (Bush Supporter)

posted by Jennifer  # 11:46 AM
Read This Comment by a Caring Strong Bush Supporter
I'm standing strong for Bush. Before he became the great President that he has been I was starting to lose hope in our government officials. You see Bush is against those gay marriages. He's not going to take our taxes and pay for unholy immoral unions like that. All those democrats will pay for gay people to live together in a unholy union. Clinton was the crazy President that started all that nonsense, and gays in the military. Until Clinton came I always voted for the Democrats. Bush came in a restored honor in the Whitehouse. He's been the only President we had in the Whitehouse that has any morals for a decade. Gays destroy our children. They abuse our children and teach them it OK to be gay when they are young. That makes an impression on our children that can't be taken back. They kill our children with their insane gay lifestyles and beliefs. Those of you say you should separate the Government and God are wrong. Remember the Pledge to our Flag "ONE NATION UNDER GOD WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL" George Bush is the only one who understands this pledge. His heart is full of GOD'S GREAT GOODNESS. If you separated God and Government there would be no goodness in the government at all. George Bush is the only one who cares enough to go against the grain in Washington and try to end abortion. His heart is in the right place. You people are nothing but a bunch of Bush Bashers. You think your smart, but you don't know nothing, especially toughs of you who call yourself Catholic and vote for unborn baby killers. You're not really a Catholic. There's no way you could be. Those of you who say the Government should be separated from God. When you are lying on your death bed you are not going to look up at God and say are you a Democrat or a Republican? It don't matter when you die. None of this matters, you got to get your life right with God and than pray over who is the best man to put in as our countries leader. That man is George W. Bush. Just pray about it people. Let God lead your hearts when you vote for our leaders. Please people just pray about it. If you include God in everything it will work out right. You will see.
Comment by Roger Dale

posted by Jennifer  # 10:08 AM
This blog was created to show the online public the support for President George W. Bush
posted by Jennifer  # 10:01 AM


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